Join Us for Live, On-Court Clinics in 2018

 Play your best on match day no matter what!

Our clinics are for women only! Our intimate sessions focus on your game and how to:

• Handle the pressure of competition, partners and opponents with confidence and focus. 

• Play smarter matches by knowing when and where to be on the court at all times. 

• Create powerful practices sessions that pay off on match day 

Our 3-hour on-court tennis clinics teach you the skills and mindset to be a high performing league tennis player who is prepared for success on match day. We show you how to be confident and play your best on match day.

Each clinic features:

• 3 hours of dynamic instruction for women, by women 

• A Master Coach on EVERY court 

• Live balls drills that train real, live match situations 

• Unique mental game instruction specific to league tennis 

• Healthy refreshments provided 

• A cozy 4-to-1 teacher-student ratio 

We get the Women's Game!

As successful women’s coaches, we understand that women are different and we teach and coach accordingly. What women are seeking is very different from what men need and want: women are different, the game they play is different.

The 2018 GlamSlamTennis Clinics.

This year we will be offering four themed clinics. Each theme will be presented in the context of team tennis, specifically around doubles and the mental game. Over the course of the year, we will bring each phase of a match to life and show you how handle what your opponents throw at you and how to hit winning shots in doubles!

All clinics are on Sundays from 1-4pm. For location, see below.  

1. February 25th - How to get the Point Started for Success. COMPLETED

2. April 15th - 3 Keys to Court Positioning. COMPLETED 

3. Sept 23rd - How to play Your Best with ANY Partner. COMPLETED

4. Dec 9th - Get to the Net NOW! UC Berkeley Tennis Stadium

Cost: $150 per clinic